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Some of Our Success Stories.....

As a busy rescue we have lots of stories to tell!  We will continue broker pocket option to add to our collection below, so do keep an eye on our page for updates.


March 2018

Angel, our largest resident had a rather sad start after having been abandoned at a livery yard to starve. 

However, she loves life with us and has lots of friends here including her boyfriend Charlie pictured with her here.

This picture of Angel feeding next to Montana, our smallest resident really made us smile :)

When she came to us, she was pocketoption.my.id underweight and in a pretty bad way, but after a very careful feeding regime and lots of love and care, she is a happy and healthy mare - living proof that giving a neglected, abused or troubled horse the chance they need in life really does work.

You can see her in our short videos Saved and Safe & Secure at Free Rein Horse Rescue and we are proud to have her in our care.

29th December 2017

A New Foster Home for Bertie, Bramble!

We celebrated a great end to 2017 as we saw little foals Bertie and Bramble off to their loving new fosterhome together. We are so happy for them and as you can see http://www.pocketoption.my.id they look settled already!

                                          Bramble and Bertie

........ and here they are enjoying the winter sunshine and exploring the great outdoors

1st November 2017

So Friendly So Fast!

This adorable foal was wild just five days ago, but with Claire's expert handling just look at him now!

A very much calmer and trusting little lad which will make it so much easier to find him a forever home.



This is Duke, in the Summer of 2015 he was about two and a half years old. He was dumped in a field in Essex on his own by travellers and left there without food or water for six months or more. Thankfully kindly locals had been feeding him.

Although requests were made to other charities to help him, Free Rein Horse Rescue were the only ones who provided help. He was full of worms and lice and rather head shy.

Free Rein rescued him and brought him to Brownbread where he was treated for his lice and worms and gelded. After much love and handling he was still a bit timid with people but improving rapidly. He has been very lucky in that a local lady agreed to take him in as a companion to her recently acquired Shetland pony. Another happy ending.  See below for Duke now!


Solomon on his arrival to Free Rein

Solomon on his arrival to Free Rein (left)

December 2015 - Solomon was rising three, he was a colt (rig) and with assistance from Brownbread he was soon gelded. He was abandoned at a livery yard in the Ramsgate area.

He is very well handled and friendly.  We made a special fund raising effort to reimburse Brownbread (all donations were gratefully accepted).

He was broken very early at about 1 and half to two years old.  He had not been ridden since then but is very easy to handle and is a stunning show pony who went on to qualify for Hickstead - which we are very proud of, a big thank you and well done to his new home!  He is in a wonderful new home and we look forward to hearing great things to come.


Chance is a 16.1hh tb x Warmblood 18 year old mare.  

We picked her up from Surrey a day before she was due to be shot.  

She is the kindest hearted mare we have ever come across.  Her owner told us she was homeless and could no longer afford to keep her, although we are not really sure just how true this is.  We were told that Chance was an ex-eventer.  A few weeks after settling her in we attempted tacking her up and getting on.  She has great manners on the ground, but riding her is a different story, she bucked like mad in any gait.  We immediately called our osteopath...  It was later revealed that Chance had slipped her pelvis and it had been out of place for some time where she had learned to deal with the pain, it was also noticed that she probably had arthritis in her spine which was making her uncomfortable.  We put her on joint medication and gradually brought her back into work and we haven't had a problem since.

She is a changed pain free horse with the sparkle back in her eyes.  We rehomed Chance with a lovely lady who adores her and hacks her out into the forest a couple of times a week.  Chances previous name was Maiya, with  passport name of "Supreme Chance", considering we picked her up a day before being shot, we thought the name Chance fitted her perfectly.

August 2016 - Chance is still doing well and very settled in her new home.


Pippa was a rescue that came via a riding school, who had taken her over from a travelling family.  

She was eight years old and when she arrived she didn't take well to children and quite aggressive and grumpy with people.  She was also very dominant with her horse companions.  We advised that she be rehomed as a companion only.

Pippa has been very lucky to find her ideal home very quickly where she is very much loved and understood.  She is now a much loved and pampered pet. 

Pippa being loaded to go to her new home :-)

Pippa being loaded to go to her new home :-)

What a smart new home!

What a smart new home!