Past News

Our new yard in Burwash

Yard in early May as we were moving in!

We moved in May and have been made very welcome.  The horses have all settled in well and we are exploring the area.  We have loads of ideas and opportunities.  We are lucky to have access to 88 acres of stunning grazing with our own private cross country course and more off road hacking than we know what to do with!  We currently have 11 stables which we are brightening up and getting prepared for winter.  Rock on being under cover after last year.

We are currently looking out for donations of paint, yard equipment and help in our preparations.  Now we are settled we welcome any volunteers to help with looking after and exercising our 16 residents.  

Yard in early May as we were moving in!

The right hand stable block

The right hand stable block

Painting and freshening up... getting ready for winter.

Painting and freshening up... getting ready for winter.

We have moved to Burwash

Our facebook followers will know that we have recently moved to a yard in Burwash.  

Such a relief to be somewhere with such good facilities to look after our charges,  and in such amazingly beautiful surroundings too.  

The move went well, thanks to the donation of time and transport and the herd have settled in beautifully.  Don't forget to visit our facebook page for daily updates ..

Thanks Storm Katie :-(

You may remember Storm Katie at the end of March, look at what she did to the field stables that only went up a few months ago.

Stable Inspectors

Here are the new field stables we are still building....nearly finished and being inspected by our residents :-)

We still need kick boards, rubber matting and wood chip to finish it off and move in if anyone can help??? It has been a very stressful year having to move from the base that we had for seven years and changing location.  And then sourcing our own stables to get our residents under cover for winter.  Thankfully it has not been too cold so far..!  Lets hope 2016 brings better luck.

Busy Sunday - 6th September 2015

What a successful day! Spent the day fundraising and giving out posters at Catsfield show. Then took Murphy to his new home in Hove, then picked up two ponies on the way back.  A 15 hour day was not what I wanted on a Sunday but well worth it when lives depend on us.

Thanks for everyone's support!

Fight to find new home for horse rescue centre

Many will remember that we were in the local news in February 2015.  The lovely yard we had been at for seven years was being put up for sale and we were asked to move out.  We have been really lucky in that we have a couple of local landowners who are willing to help out.  We now have some essential grazing, but still no stables.  At our new Hobbs Lane base we are looking to supplement the fields with a few stables so that some of our less hardy residents can have their much needed shelter when the winter comes.  

As can be expected.... we are looking for donation of time and materials and expecially CASH.. please.

Please contact us or donate....