We are currently at maximum capacity and we fight to keep our grazing from becoming a sea of mud by resting the majority of our fields.

However, inadequate fencing is proving rather an obstacle and we are concerned that by the time next summer comes, the horses simply won’t have enough grass to eat. We are being forced to take temporary measures to ensure that the fields are kept rested, but we are constantly having to reinforce them as they are sadly not sturdy enough to withstand the weather we have been experiencing.

Any timber or other fencing materials would be of enormous benefit to us, not least as decent fencing would allow us to spend that precious time on rescue and rehoming.

All donations are gratefully received and if you know anyone with any materials to spare or if you own or work for a company that are happy to donate to a UK registered charity we would love to hear from you.

We can collect materials if necessary.

Thank you