Sponsor An Old Horse

You can help to care for an elderly horse by sponsoring them in their twilight years.

We don't have horses put to sleep just because they are old, but they do need extra care and special feed to keep them well and functioning as they should.

We currently have two Golden Oldies in our care - Jester and Mr Ed who are waiting for some kind sponsors to help support them. Anything that you can afford will be extremely gratefully received, as every little helps.

Mr Ed

Mr Ed is an elderly resident and he has recently clocked up an amazing 30 years!

The charity was entrusted with his care after his owner became terminally ill and he was a much loved pet for many years with her.

He also costs in excess of £30 per week through the winter as he needs to eat up to three meals a day. He is the quietest and gentlest horse we have ever had at the centre.

If you would like to help support this lovely old lad, you can sponsor him via his button below.

Registered Charity Number: 1166554