Sponsor An Old Horse

You can help to care for an elderly horse by sponsoring them in their twilight years.

We don't have horses put to sleep just because they are old, but they do need extra care and special feed to keep them well and functioning as they should.

We currently have two Golden Oldies in our care - Amber and Spartan, who are waiting for some kind sponsors to help support them. Anything that you can afford will be extremely gratefully received, as every little helps - Just click the Donate button here.

Spartan is a 24-year-old gelding and an ex-show jumper.

He is now retired and needs lots of feed during winter months and regular osteopath appointments to keep him from getting too stiff.

This dear old boy has been with the charity for around 10 years and he is much loved by all of us.

Amber came into our care around four years ago, after having been passed around for 15 different homes within the space of two years.

She needs lots of extra feed and supplements as she doesn't hold weight during the winter.

She also needs regular osteopath treatment and more regular farrier visits due to having bad feet.

Registered Charity Number: 1166554